The PON is a charming and intelligent breed but it can also be strong willed, stubborn and quite demanding. The Polish Lowland Sheepdog is a middle-sized, strong and sound dog, covered with long, dense hair. It moves freely and economically; it is a working dog, psychologically and physically. It is known to be a good companion dog in town or city conditions. It is a lively but moderate, alert, well adjusted, smart and intelligent dog and has a good memory.

They have a great ability to learn, picking up both good ways and bad habits very quickly. They were bred as a herding watchdog so they need plenty of socialisation as puppies and teens. For its size, the PON is quite strong, they need firm but kind handling and training. He is often somewhat reserved with strangers, this is a natural instinct for a sheepdog.

The breed is faithful and loyal. Their coats require a fair amount of grooming because  of the very dense undercoat. The Polish Lowland Sheepdog groomed coat gives an  attractive and interesting appearance. The hair falling from the forehead covers the  eyes in a characteristic manner, giving it the very typical expression. 

All colours and colour combinations are accepted, the most common colour is white  with various dark or grey patches. There are also a few chocolate-pigmented PON's  and solid colours such as all black, or all cream.

The proportions for the PON are height to length 9 - 10. The height at the withers for a bitch is 40-46 cms. (16-18 ½ ins) and for a dog is 43-52 cms. (17- 19.75 ins.) which means that PON is somewhere in between the Tibetan Terrier and Bearded Collie in size. Its eyes are middle-sized, oval-shaped and hazel to brown. The expression is penetrating, lively and curious. The heart-shaped ears have a lot of movement and exhibit the dog's mood very well.

The PON's forequarters and hindquarters are parallel and very muscular. It moves freely and soundly, with long steps, covering the ground very well. This is only achieved if it is correctly angulated. The tail is either natural bobtail (puppies born tail less) or varying natural lengths.  Dogs with full tails carry them high and over their backs when alert or moving, hanging low at repose. The movement is effortless and ground covering. The coat requires thorough grooming to keep it mat free and the PON, as a working breed, needs regular exercise. 

They do not do well in situations where they are left alone for long periods of time or kept as kennel dogs and they like nothing better than to be close to their family. They are a very greedy breed and care must be taken to ensure that the PON does not become overweight; obesity is a common problem. PONs utilise their food very well and many owners have a habit of overfeeding them and giving too many treats.

They are a fairly hardy breed and do not seem to suffer from a lot of illness, I have had dogs reach almost 17 years of age, although 12yrs seems to be a more common average. All of my dogs are KC/BVA Hip scored prior to breeding and are  KC/BVA eye tested within 12 month of puppies being born

One thing is for sure - life is never dull when PON's are around.

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